Online Dating – Be Thick Skinned

It is difficult to look into a persons eyes and say “gosh you’re really fat” or “are you honestly that stupid” but in online dating sites there is no eye contact so some people feel free to insult others.

This is simply their own insecurities showing through, perhaps they were bullied at school or are ashamed of their own appearance so feel the need to belittle others to feel better about themselves.

To date online you need to develop a thick skin, you will meet some wonderful people, make some good friends and hopefully meet someone you can love.

However, you will also meet some ignorant, arrogant or simply offensive people. Unless you have a thick skin the comments these people make and the messages they send will remain with you, over time they will chip away at your confidence.

Treat all online insults and messages the same way you would if you received an email for viagra, just delete it and forget about it. They cannot be insulting you as a person because they don’t know you, they simply have anger issues they need to force onto others.

Choosing the right dating website can help, a site that is monitored and moderated will have less offensive traffic running through it.

Also find a site with like minded people, people who share your interests. Some time spent finding the right site now can save a lot of trouble in the long run.

My dating website, Country Couples, is for UK residents that like the countryside or live in a rural area of Britain. We have a friendly crowd and the staff monitor the forums and chat rooms every day.

Here are some testimonials about my site from genuine members (they are displayed in the forum with each members details so they can be checked as genuine):

1. It’s not just the fact that it’s designed for country & animal lovers that appeals to me or that the forums and chatrooms make it very easy to meet people… it was the warmth in their welcome and the way I became part of a big, happy family that truly set CC apart from the rest!

2. I don’t feel I’m a rare breed on here just because I work on a farm…

3. Everyone is so welcoming, we have such a laugh……..we all support each other through good and bad times……..its a site made for meeting genuine people, a safe site not a meat-market!

These aren’t to show off, they are to show you that not all online dating websites are the same and it pays to take time to find the right one for you. Yes we have lively banter on the site, we make jokes about each other but none of our members would stand for anyone being offensive or insulting.

Take time to find the right site for you, one where others share your interests and the rewards can far outweigh the quantity of people on the large dating sites.

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