The difference between Love & Lust

Knowing the difference between love and lust can stop you falling into a bad relationship.

It is so easy to convince yourself that within a week you are in love with someone but what you are really feeling is physical attraction.

That may mean you find someone physically attractive to look at or perhaps their mind attracts you or their smell is what causes your senses to heighten and your head to spin.

Who really knows why we fall for another person, it is different for each relationship. There is no logic or reason behind it, biology simply takes over and you can easy find yourself awash with emotion for someone that you thought was not your type.

In our society virtually all relationships begin with physical attraction, the feeling of love at first site is simply a mutual attraction and some raging hormones. Of course this can and sometimes does lead to falling in love but actual love takes time.

To love someone you must know their good and bad points, understand and put up with their habits and have been through a few ups and downs together. Love does not happen instantly.

The myth of love at first sight comes because some people do meet, are physically attracted and their relationship blossoms into love. It was something they both wanted at the same time and were both lucky enough to find in each other. That is when you hear couples say “I knew as soon as saw him/her” but what they knew is that they were both attracted to each other.

Lust is a very base emotion, it can feel uncontrollable, it’s a fantastic feeling when your whole body aches to be so close to another but do not mistake lust for love. Just because someone sleeps with you it doesn’t mean they love or even care about you, it simply means they are physically attracted to you.

Convincing yourself that you are in love because you are so physically attracted to someone or are having great sex with them can easily blind you to their faults and you may find yourself dating someone that is totally unsuitable for you.

Always take time when you are dating to sit back and consider whether this is really the person you want to be with or if it’s just great physical attraction, because when the lust begins to wear off you can find yourself facing someone you hardly know and barely like.

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