Where to Meet Nice Men or Women

Where can you go to meet nice men or women to date? Too often people are looking in all the wrong places and then wondering why they are not meeting new people.

It doesn’t matter if you meet a thousand new people a day, if you give off the wrong signals then nobody will approach you or be recptive to your approach. Happy people are the most attractive, so when you are going out make sure you are there to enjoy yourself and not just looking to find a date.

Here are 4 tips to follow when looking to meet a nice man or woman:

1. Online Dating:

Don’t just join the first dating site that comes up on google or the one with the biggest advertising budget. Spend time searching the net, there are online dating sites to suit everyone.

Work out what matters in your life and then use those words to search the internet. Niche market sites may not have a million people around the world signed up but they are much more likely to share your interests.

An example is my dating site for UK countryside and rural lovers, which means the people you meet will be from the UK and share your love of the UK countryside or understand the loneliness that can come with rural life.

2. Joining a Club or Class:

Persevere, many people sign up to a new club or class to find a dating partner, take one look, don’t spot anyone they fancy dating and give up. Wrong attitude … for a start you are way too focussed on meeting someone and not focussed enough on living your life.

You just joined so at some point in time Mr or Ms Right may just join too. However that is not the reason to stick at it, when you become an established member of the group you will begin to communicate with other members. This leads to invitations to parties or other group events, it may also introduce you to single family or friends of other members.

Ladies a flower arranging class is unlikely to reveal Prince Charming and guys, a Landrover mechanics course has very few available women …… think about the classes or groups you are joining.

3. Through Work:

I don’t recommend dating someone in your own office but is there a seminar coming up that you can get on to? A product launch you can volunteer to do market research for or work on a launch stand?

The idea here is to go to places with new people and when you are there circulate, you just never know who you might meet. Ensure you have business cards with you and network, it is not only the people you meet but the people they know that can help you to find the right partner.

4. Friends and Family:

Nobody likes to walk around with a sign saying single and looking for love but do your friends and family actually know you are looking or do they think you are “concentrating on your career”?

It is surprising how many people keep their desire for a partner a secret, in the past two decades being a happy singleton has become the fashionable thing to do but if that life isn’t for you then don’t get taken in by the hype and let people that care about you know.

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4 Responses to “Where to Meet Nice Men or Women”

  1. anon Says:

    a new man started working in my office, I didn’t like him at first, but aftera few months I had to work alone with him and I really like him, it’s been a year now and I think about him a lot, but I wonder is it just the familiarality of spending so much time with him, he is the only man i know these days, as i don’t go out socially any more, I dont intend to ask him out or expect him to ask me, i just wish i’d someone to love

  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Anon

    Sounds like you need to meet some new people and that will soon confirm whether you really like the man you work with or not. Have you tried online dating? I don’t mean the big sites with all the players but a small genuine site where you can meet like minded people. A site like mine is ideal for people like you as you can make friends with other women as well as meet men. A couple of my female members have made friends and are off to London soon for a weekend together, even though they haven’t met yet in real life. We also have Get Togethers sometimes, which at least gets us out of the house and meeting new people.

    Not sure what your interests are but if you would like help finding a good site for you to join then just leave me a message.

    My site is for like-minded country people (you don’t have to live in the country, we have city members too but it’s the mind set of the members that count), feel free to drop by and see if it appeals to you https://country-couples.co.uk we are very friendly and welcoming.

  3. Like I'm going to leave my name Says:

    What about church? If you attend. Isn’t that a good place to meet someone who shares your ideals?

  4. Sally Says:

    Church is a very good suggestion, if you follow a particular faith then its usually very important your partner shares the same faith.