Let’s Celebrate Snogging

I would have to rate a really snogging even above chocolate on the scale of pleasurable experiences, because a really passionate snog lets me know how much my partner wants me.

Snogging for those that don’t speak UK English is a passionate kiss. You can kiss your mother or grandmother but you can’t snog them. You can also kiss your children but would get arrested if you snogged them.

Learning to snog your partner well would have to be one of my top dating tips of all time, it is so important to let your partner know you yearn for them.

The secret to a really passionate, sensual snog is to not do anything that makes it uncomfortable for the person you are kissing.

So don’t smother them to the point of not being able to breath, make sure they are not bent double thinking about the pain in their back rather than the kiss, don’t let a lot of your saliva into their mouth and make sure you have clean teeth.

Here are some tips for giving a great, knee weakening snog:

1. Watch out for noses, they tend to get in the way. Begin to angle your head as you move your faces closer.

2. Begin with a closed lip to lip kiss, don’t just stick your tongue straight in their mouth.

3. Slightly part your lips, kiss slowly and sensually to begin with.

4. Gently slide your tongue over their lips … remember the idea to a good passionate kiss is to build up to a point of hunger, the feeling of wanting to eat each other and this takes time.

5. Hold your partner while you snog them, either the back of their head, their waist or the sides of their face. Slowly stroke their skin while you kiss.

6. Now let your tongue touch theirs. Don’t just go round and round in circles, play with their tongue. Suck it, push it to the floor of their mouth, explore their teeth and have some fun chasing their tongue round.

7. By this time your partner should be breathing heavily, with weak knees and you can move to kissing their ears or throat.

A really passionate snog can tell a person how much you want them and there is nothing better to get you in the mood than knowing your partner really wants you. Believe me there is a huge difference between a kiss that says it is my job to kiss you and a snog that says I want you now …. guess which one has the best results!!

So take time over snogging, enjoy it and make sure your partner enjoys it. Let’s celebrate snogging by making our partners’ knees go weak tonight.

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