5 Great Literary Date Ideas

Sat, Apr 4, 2009

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Are you a bookworm or dating a bookworm? You can combine dating and your love of the literary world.

Whether you want to spend a couple of hours one afternoon or a whole weekend devoted to books, there is a literary date to suit every book lover.

If you are dating a book lover but are not that keen yourself then combine your date.

If you are both book lovers then spending time together quietly reading can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Whether you want to share war and peace together or just each grab a section of the Sunday Times, reading is a relaxing way to spend together without the usual pressures of the dating world.

Here are 5 Great Literary Date Ideas

Literary Festivals

From an evening to a whole weekend, literary festivals offer more than just books and are great if one of the dating duo are not that keen on books. You can see and meet fiction writers, dramatists, storytellers, poets, comedians, musicians to name but a few. Whether you are a reader, writer or just dating a literary type you can find a book festival to suit you both. For the best book festivals in the UK check out Literary Festivals UK where you will find regularly updated lists of festivals around the country.

Book Hunting

Visit second hand book stores and have a good hunt around for either a book you love or find a new author you will enjoy. Add a bit of fun by competing to see who can find the oldest book in the shop or strangest book title. Not only do you get to enjoy dating in a relaxed atmosphere but you may also find a treasure or two.

Museums & Libraries

It’s not only book shops that have books, if you are dating someone with a specific interest, for example war time literature, then pop along to a museum or library. The Imperial War Museum has a printed book collection, as do many museums and libraries. They often have wonderful literary treasures hidden away but if you show your enthusiasm for books they may let you have a look.

Reading Session

Whether you go to the park for a picnic, visit a historic location or snuggle up and read by candlelight at home, reading together can be a great way of just being comfortable in each others company, without the need to entertain each other. Rather than both quietly reading you could read to each other, take it in turns to read a chapter of your favourite books.

Book Signings & Readings

Search on the internet for a favourite authors website and see if they are having any book signings or readings in a city you would enjoy seeing. You can also look on the websites of large book stores like Waterstones Events to see which authors are holding events. Pack your bags, combine a weekend trip with a visit to the book signing or reading and bring back a book you can cherish.

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2 Responses to “5 Great Literary Date Ideas”

  1. Terry from Nursing Apparel (3 comments.) Says:

    There’s also a social networking site for bookworms. I think it’s Shelfari. It’s not a site where people are out looking for dates but you can definitely find people in there who are really into books. :D

  2. Sally Says:

    Nice tip Terry, thank you.