How to Write Headlines for Online Dating Profiles and Messages

Good online dating headlines for profiles and messages are not the easiest thing to write but it is worth spending time on, as it can get you noticed in a sea of profiles or messages.

Like a newspaper article headline, the heading on your dating profile or message should sum up something about you or your interests in one line and can mean the difference between getting noticed online or ending up in the trash can.

Hopefully you know how to choose a good dating profile username and this will initially draw people to your profile but then you have to back up an interesting username with a catchy headline or introduction.

Active online daters are popular people and they will receive many messages each day and browse lots of profiles, so your message or profile has to stand out from the crowd by being a little different but you need to attract the right type of people, not just as many as you can.

Have a look at this list of message headings and see which one stands out to you:

Tintin sent you a flirt
Pauly29 sent you a flirt
Naughty_Nigel is seeking fun
Steve57 sent you a flirt
Exhausted Dragon Slayer Seeks Refuge
Hi I’m Ian
PeterZoo sent you a flirt
Hammy sent you a flirt

Which one is going to be opened first? The dragon slayer has immediately got someones attention, simply because the message looks different to the usual headings they will read.

Naughty_Nigel is heading straight for the trash can unless he is on a strictly adult dating site and the others are just all the same with different usernames. Ian is just unimaginative and isn’t going to jump out as a must read.

Another eye catching headling would be “Jaffa cake eater goes beserk in Tesco” it makes you sound quirky and fun, not the run of the mill “You’ve heard this a thousand times before” type of message.

Try to think of message subject headings as newspaper article headlines, when you read a newspaper the headline of the article will tell you if it’s something you would be interested in reading.

Have a try, grab a newspaper or magazine and a highlighter pen. Without reading any articles or thinking too much about it just go through and highlight headlines that sounds worth reading.

When you finish go back and study what you have highlighted. Are they about something you are already interested in, for example sports, politics or animals? If yes then there is the first step in writing good headings, write them for people that share your interests.

An example would be “My golf buggy has room for two, shall we tee off together?” or “Welly wearer seeks playmate for puddle splashing and dog walking”.

Alternatively the headlines you highlighted may not be about something you are interested in but the headline was sufficiently interesting to make you consider reading the article. Step number two, make the reader want to find out more.

An example would be the jaffa cake headline above or “Tiddlywinks Champion requires more winks”. It’s offbeat enough to get people reading your profile or message and sending you winks.

Good online dating headlines can be funny, romantic or clever but they do need to be positive, headlines with ’save me’ written all over them do not get a good number of responses.

Something to bear in mind when you write your headline is that people are not initially interested in what you are looking for, they are much more interested in what THEY are looking for. Write a heading that suggests you have something to offer them, in the form of a good laugh, a shared interest or a personality trait they like.

Not all dating profiles have a headline and if your dating site profile doesn’t then begin the “about me” section with a catchy one liner, something to make viewers want to continue reading.

Still not sure what to write? Ask some friends to sum you up in one sentence, friends tend to be more positive about us than we are about ourselves and they will pick out our more obvious characteristics.

The first thing that will attract people to your profile is the photo but a good headline comes a close second. Online dating messages require a good headline if you want them to be noticed and read, so be imaginative and for inspiration have a look at these examples of good online dating profile headlines but be sure not to copy these examples of bad online dating profile headlines.

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