7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Cheating partners tend to have certain habits in common, so here are 7 signs that may be an indication your partner is cheating on you.

Bank robbers do not plan a robbery with the intention of being caught, they assume they are more intelligent than those in jail and that they will get away with it. Cheating partners are exactly the same, they don’t have an affair assuming they will get caught out, they assume they are too careful, too clever to be caught committing adultery but how wrong they are.

It is a sad fact that some partners do cheat and all too often it ends in disaster, divorce and financial difficulty, all for an afternoon or two of ‘fun’.

Here are 7 signs of a cheating partner, provided by a firm of very experienced private investigators in the UK. If you are cheating and your partner hires these guys then be afraid, be very afraid, they WILL catch you out.

These signs show a pattern of behaviour followed by most cheaters and may help you assess whether your partner is cheating on you.

1. They get a second mobile phone, which is a pay as you go phone. They may claim this is a work phone or it’s for making private calls because work are clamping down on private calls on works mobiles. Pay as you go phones do not have itemised billing and calls and voicemail messages are easily deleted and cannot be retrieved. This covers their tracks nicely, as you cannot check their phone logs or bills.

2. They suddenly develop a new friend of the same gender, who they call and text regularly but you have never met. They know you will ask questions if they suddenly have a new number for someone of the opposite sex, so they save the number and change Bob into Susan or Susan into Bob to allay your suspicions. As adults our friendships tend to develop slowly and we discuss the development of the new friendship with our partner (eg we met for lunch, snippets about their life as you learn more about them). A sudden new ‘best friend’ that they need to contact and meet regularly, just as children do, can be an indicator of something amiss.

3. After years of working regular hours they start to work overtime or at weekends but they are not earning overtime pay or receive a salary rise or bonus. It really is the oldest one in the book but people still use it because work activities are so often not questioned. This is an obvious indicator if coupled with other signs.

4. They start to hang out with single friends more often. We are all gender biased in favour of our own gender to a degree and single friends will often provide cover stories for married friends affairs. If your partner used to meet a single friend for drinks once a month and it’s now twice a week, start asking yourself questions.

5. They start to treat you differently, either less or more affectionately. The age old joke about a husband bringing his wife flowers for no reason being an indicator of an affair is all too often true. Why? Because people that are cheating change emotionally, they are excited, they are happy, they are scared of being caught, etc and only a sociopath can hide these emotional changes. They may go off you totally or try to compensate for their guilty feelings by being more affectionate toward you.

6. They change their appearance, start going to the gym and suddenly become more interested in their looks. We all like to look our best when we are dating and someone new showing interested in us lifts our ego and this makes us more aware of our appearance. They may start to wear new sexier underwear or tighter fitting clothes and spend longer getting ready when they are going out.

7. If you are suspicious and you confront them with your fears they become very defensive and deny, deny, deny. The Two Ronnies once did a brilliant comedy sketch where a wife walks in on her cheating spouse and he simply denies there is a woman in the room, as she is getting dressed in the background. They do not discuss your feelings or concerns, they simply get angry and defensive. If your partner loves you and is not cheating they will be more concerned with dealing with your suspicions but if they are cheating they will simply be concerned about not getting caught and this makes them scared and angry. So if they thrust the phone at you and say “here, call them then” do not back down and say “no, it’s ok I believe you”, that is exactly the reaction they want. If you take the phone off them to call, a cheating partner will snatch the phone back and start ranting about lack of trust.

There is some excellent advice on ways to catch a cheating partner on Salgado Investigations website and if you suspect your partner is cheating I suggest you read it.

If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator but not sure who to look for in your area then check out Salgado and find a firm that offer similar services where you are. It may seem extreme to employ a PI but these days there is often so much at stake in a divorce that in the long run it may be worth it.

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2 Responses to “7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You”

  1. PI Guy (2 comments.) Says:

    Great blog post. In my experience, cheating is often a symptom of a problem in the relationship and not the cause.

  2. Sally Says:

    I agree with you completely and think in the first instance people should try to work to fix the problem rather than resort to cheating. Maybe they should read my post https://country-couples.co.uk/datingtips/8-reasons-women-cheat-and-the-solutions/