How to Ditch Them Nicely

Sun, Sep 14, 2008

Dating Tips, Divorce, Relationships

When a relationship is over for you, it is over and no amount of begging or pleading can bring back that spark of passion or romance. Ditching someone nicely is the kind thing to do, we have all had a broken heart and it isn’t a fun experience.

That does not mean dropping subtle hints and hoping they get the message, be firm and direct but try to be honest and thoughtful.

4 Don’ts When You Ditch Someone

1. Don’t use tired old cliches like “we will still be friends” or “it’s not you it’s me”. Nobody is fooled by them and it does not help mend their hurt feelings or boost their ego.

2. Don’t be a coward and send a text message or email, this makes it easier for you but not for them. Your time together was intimate so make the break up intimate too, if you need to write down how you feel then make sure you are there when they read it and answer their questions honestly.

3. Do not start a fight in order to dump someone, again a cowardly trick which only makes things easier for you.

4. Be firm and stick to your guns, being talked into giving it one more try or taking the relationship a step further in order to “mend” the relationship is very unlikely to work. Guilt does not repair a relationship so unless during the ditching conversation you get a rush of new found love for your partner then giving in to their guilt is just going to prolong the agony.

4 Do’s When You Ditch Someone

1. Choose your time and place, at their parents wedding anniversary, out with friends or in the middle of a night of passion is NOT the right time or place. Go somewhere private and get to the point quickly.

2. Take responsibility for your emotions, if they are simply not ‘the one’ say so, be honest but not insulting. If your partners jealousy or flirtation is the reason for the break up then simply say so, give them the opportunity to not make the same mistake again.

3. Finish your current relationship before moving on to the next, do not try to find a replacement before you break up with your current partner. Being told you are simply not the one or I love you but am no longer in love with you is much easier for your partner to emotionally handle in the long run than “I have met someone new”.

4. Ditch your partner in a way you would like to be ditched, none of us would “like” to be ditched but if it has to happen consider what would cause you the least hurt and follow suit. Remember the good times you had together and respect that your partner has to move on with their lives as quickly and with the least amount of pain possible in these situations.

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Break Ups, Dating Tips, Divorce, Relationships

2 Responses to “How to Ditch Them Nicely”

  1. Nicole from Background Check (11 comments.) Says:

    Like the song says “Saying goodbye is not an easy word to say, It can make you happy, it can make you sad”.When you ditch someone you have loved, do it with respect. You will definitely hurt his feelings, but its better this way than prolonging your agony.

  2. Removals Hounslow (1 comments.) Says:

    Actually you cannot pretend for a life time you still love him/her if you don’t.Right? So you need to ditch them nicely. Ditching them even in a nice way still painful, but you need to do that for the sake of your happiness, freedom and peace of mind.