Women and Envy

Sat, Aug 23, 2008

Dating Tips for Women

Envy is a very self destructive emotion, it eats away at you and makes you feel unsatisfied with your life.

The trouble with envy is it is unrealistic because we see everyone else’s life through our own imagination rather than the reality of their life and unfortunately we judge others by our standards of happiness.

I picked this photo because it is one I feel envious of, she is clearly relaxed, has a beautiful figure and seems to have everything I want …. but what about reality? Perhaps she has to starve herself to look that good, maybe she is in a very unhappy marriage or someone she loves has a terminal illness.

These are the things we don’t look at when we view others lives through our eyes. If we are single we are evious of married people or if we are married we long for our single carefree days.

A friend of mine posted the following ditty on my dating site forum today (it is translated from Dutch so doesn’t quite flow but I feel sure you will get the idea). It certainly made me stop and think, perhaps it will have the same effect on you?

Whilst it is about women and envy it can no doubt be just as true for men, learn to love yourself and accept your life as it is ….. that is the key to happiness.

If you are rejoining the dating game then before dating people try to get to grips with yourself and learn first to appreciate your life as it is.

I have a job
I’m always tired
I’ll manage on my own
do everything by myself
children, housework, cooking
repairs, I can do everything
What are they complaining about?

I don’t have a job
I’m very busy
with children and care
my house is clean, social is my middle name
I always lend a helping hand
Babysit for other children
What are they complaining about?

I have a boyfriend,
we do many things together
together with the children
He is as a second dad
Together we build
a new life
What are they complaining about?

I am single
do everything alone
I really don’t want
to adjust to a man
I don’t need one
It is good the way it is
What are they complaining about?

I will wait for the right one
never go out
Spent all my time on the children
They miss so much in life
I don’t want to bother them
What are they complaining about?
with then this and then that man

I’m a party animal
I’m alive
A man can do everything
So why not me?
The important thing is to enjoy yourself
Makes me a better mother too
What are they complaining about?

I don’t seem to be able to get a man
No matter what I try
A drunk is no good
Where do you find the good ones?
What am I doing wrong?
I am a good wife.
What are they complaining about?

I can’t go anywhere
without being harassed
by imbeciles and stupid men
sex is all they want
the true me, they don’t see
I want a normal contact
What are they complaining about?

Moral off the story?

  • We are all complaining
  • We are all different
  • But envy is killing us all
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Dating Tips for Women

3 Responses to “Women and Envy”

  1. Whitney Says:

    The grass is always greener to the anxious eye!!!

  2. Whitney Says:

    It’s not having what you want…it’s wanting what you’ve GOT. (Sheryl Crow song “Soak Up the Sun.”)

  3. Sally Says:

    That is so true Whitney and it is the secret to a successful relationship, appreciating what you have and not always comparing them to others.