14. October 2009

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The A to Z of Love | E

Entertain. How often do you hear couples talk about the “honeymoon period” of a relationship and what life is like after it is over. Usually about 6 to 12 months into a serious relationship the magic tarnishes and people can begin to feel a little bored in each others company. This really is a normal [...]

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10. September 2009


Twitter Invaded by Adult Dating Sites

I am not a huge fan of Twitter as I don’t do technology and to be honest I end up spending all day following interesting links and getting no work done. However, after some time ignoring it and hoping it will go away I decided to give it another whirl tonight and guess what … [...]

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2. September 2009


The A to Z of Love | C

Lets continue our journey through the A to Z of Love with the letter C. The letter A stood for Admire in our A to Z of Love. We looked at why it’s important to take time to admire your partner both mentally and physically and how this continued practice can help sustain a loving [...]

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25. August 2009


5 Dating Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Whether you are in a long distance relationship because you met on an online dating website or because one of you has to travel for work, with just a little effort it’s easy to keep the romance alive in a long distance relationship. Getting through the days of the week can be difficult when you [...]

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12. August 2009


Why Can’t I Find A Husband?

Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t seem to have much trouble finding a husband so why are so many women now complaining they find it almost impossible to find Mr Right? Time and technology marches on but surely human relationships have remained the same since time began? Well no, not really. We only need to look [...]

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6. August 2009


Online Dating Scams – How the Soldier Scam Works

The soldier in a war zone dating scam has been around for a few years now but it’s surprising how many people dating online remain unaware of it. Nigerian and Russian scammers have long used the old “I’m a civil engineer working in Nigeria or Russia …. oops I’ve been robbed/got sick/got a great business [...]

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29. July 2009


Honesty – Should I always tell the Truth? | Dating Tips

The question “should I tell the truth”, with respect to relationships and the dating game, sounds like a silly one … the obvious answer would be yes you should always be honest with your partner … but Human relationships are never that cut and dried, with human emotions constantly muddying the waters. Here’s a dating [...]

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5. July 2009


3 Ways Pornography Can Damage Your Marriage

Pornography is a Pandora’s Box, full of exciting forbidden fruit but if opened it can destroy a happy marriage. The porn industry is raking the money in using every trick in the book to grab another buck. They want you to believe that it’s all perfectly normal, everyone’s doing it … except you, because your [...]

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25. June 2009


How to get your ex back .. via ebook?!

This post is aimed at people who have seperated or divorced from a long term relationship but are looking for ways to get their ex back. I am always amazed at the amount of ebooks being sold on websites devoted to how to get your ex back. But I have to ask the question … [...]

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