Taking Your Relationship to New Heights in the New Year

Wed, Jan 7, 2009

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Each year around this time, people are feverishly working on making lists of drastic changes they are going to make in their lives that rarely stick.  While many focus on themselves only in their resolutions, it can be great to consider your relationship as a focal point for some resolutions as well.  Finding new ways to keep your relationship going strong in the New Year is not too difficult; take a look at some of the following ideas for spicing up your relationship this year.

Take Up a New Activity Together

Learning something new with your significant other can be a great bonding experience that will bring the two of you closer together with shared memories and experiences.  Ballroom dancing, for example, has gained much popularity in recent years and is a wonderful way for couples to spend time together.  Once you have learned how to do it, you can take it out on the town as well.  Find something that the two of you can do together and see how great it feels to spend time together.

Try New Restaurants

As simple as it sounds, we often get caught up in routines that have us cycling in and out of the same places week after week.  Changing where you go out to eat can open the two of you up to new experiences, cuisine, and even the possibility of meeting new friends and acquaintances.  Try eating somewhere different each month—you may even find a new favorite place.


This one can do wonders for your relationship if you do it right.  Traveling, both within your own country and abroad, offers so much to both of you and will enrich your lives together in the process.  Sometimes traveling can be stressful, but do your very best to make sure that your travel experience doesn’t wear on the two of you.  Rather, it should only serve to enhance and grow the bond that the two of you already share.

Make More Time for One Another

In our hectic and fast-paced world, it is all too easy to get caught up in daily life and forget about what’s important in the bigger picture.  Make sure that you spend more time with your significant other so that your relationship stays strong.  Showing that you care through action and words will make sure that the two of you don’t drift apart and will strengthen your relationship in the process.

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