3 Reasons Why Women Cheat | Understanding Adultery

Sat, Jun 6, 2009


As I said in the last article stating the top 3 reasons why men cheat, it is not only men that cheat, more and more women are also committing adultery.

This is largely driven by opportunity. As women have gained closer equality with men their work and social lives have opened new doors and presented new opportunities to meet people.

At the end of the day it’s simply not ok to cheat but that doesn’t stop people.

With adultery on the rise among women it’s important to understand what drives women to cheat on their husbands.

Of course not everyone is the same but these are the most common 3 reasons given by unfaithful women for their affair.

1. Affection and Attention

Yes, the number one reason for men and women is the same.

Like men, most cheating women don’t go out looking for an affair but when they receive affection and attention from a stranger that they no longer receive at home some women find it too flattering to resist.

It really does your self image and confidence no favours if you lose 10 kg or cut 6 inches off your hair and your partner fails to notice, you begin to feel invisible and un-cared for.

Then a strange man compliments you, he really notices you in the way your husband did before you started coming second best to his golf clubs. Once again you find your girlish giggle, you start to again feel sexy and desirable.

The sad fact is that most, if not all, of these women would never dream of cheating if they got the attention and affection they need at home.

Ask them and they will tell you, they would much prefer to receive this attention from their husband but he has emotionally withdrawn from her and is no longer excited by her, which plays havoc with her self confidence.

So guys, stop reading and go to tell your wife how sexy she looks, give her a smouldering kiss and say you’re sorry you haven’t been paying enough attention to her lately.

2. Revenge Cheating

Have you heard the saying Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Wow is it true.

Just search online for the term “revenge on cheating husband” and you will see page after page of stories about women cheating, going on naked webcams, selling porn photo’s of themselves and damaging cars, clothes, etc.

Women who catch their men cheating and follow this course of action don’t ask themselves the question does revenge cheating work, they just feel the need to get even.

Of course revenge cheating doesn’t work, two wrongs never make a right but these women feel that cheating on them belittles their sexuality, so they go all out to prove they are still sexy.

3. Thrill Seeking

Sexual freedom is still a very new phenomenon in the history of women. When I left school a man that slept around was a stud and a woman that slept around was a slut.

The playing field in recent years has levelled up considerably on this issue and women can now be bad girls without constant scorn.

Many women of my age married young, being still quite innocent and had families. They now see the sexual freedom the younger generations have and want a slice.

The problem comes when a man has been married to a woman for some time and is used to the hum-drum life they lead. Something in her life changes (a 40th birthday, a death in the family, large weight loss, a new career, etc) and the husband carries on as normal.

The life she was happy with for all those years just doesn’t excite her anymore, she wants to be a sex kitten and have fun. If you don’t notice this change and join in then someone else just might.

Here’s a more in depth look at reasons women cheat and the solutions, to help us in understanding adultery.

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